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Meet the Fam.

Thug Duck and Van Wicked run the show around here and you can find them year round here in the mountains of Vermont. The rest of our herd tends to wander and we wrangle them up seasonally, so keep an eye out for your favorites and grab them while you can!

Thug Duck for website.png

Drink like a duck!

Featuring ~

Vic Secret and Simcoe

Sinister Surfer, DDH IPA

Nobody is more sinister

than this guy, what more

can we say...

Featuring ~ Mosaic, Eukanot, Calypso

Van Wicked, NEIPA

Our number one original brew and the smoothest criminal,

I mean IPA, around!

Featuring ~ Citra, Mosaic,

El Dorado

Arctic Al, coffee porter

No rest for the weary, but this tasty porter will chill you

out and warm you up

after a hard day! 

Leaf Apocalypse, pilsner

A crispy and delicious Pilsner to relax or take along for a great hike!   

Kill Puss, NZ IPA, pineapple

A killer octopus... why not? 

You don't have to be a fruit lover to love this New Zealand IPA with pineapple, so good!

Zombie Love, NEIPA

Meet Cadaver Dan..

the coolest zombie you'll

ever drink!  

Falling Leaves


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